M&M 2010

August 1-5, 2010

Portland, OR

Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2010

Text Box: Newsletter Spotlight

If you are going to be in Portland for the annual M&M 2010, be sure to stop by our booth (number 413) to see the latest in EM cameras and software from Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions and stages from Maerzhaeuser.  First, and most obvious, is our new company.  Get reacquainted with us, Mike Bode and Jason Wickersham, if you haven't talked to us in a while.  We will also be offering a couple of interesting vendor tutorials in the evenings.  Finally, be sure to take a look at the cameras and software we have to offer.

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2010

Special offer to M&M Attendees

As a way to say “Thank You” for coming by the booth at this year’s M&M, we would like to make a special offer to you.  If you place and order for a system before December 31, we will offer a 50% discount on installation.  This represents a substantial savings right off the top. 

Stop in. Say Hi. Save Money.  It doesn’t get any more simple than that.

Learn how to make the software work for you

By Jason Wickersham

I would venture to say that many, if not most, installations of the cameras and software are used to acquire "repetitive" images.  By "repetitive" I mean the same sort of images are acquired a majority of the time - pathology cases, product manufacturing images, images for feature measurements, etc.  Often times the images are filed according to product names, lot numbers, or case numbers.  A sample image name format may be something like:


Simple Introduction to Macros

As many a customer has noticed, the images acquired from Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions cameras are stored, by default, as a 16-bit image.  Advanced image analysis programs, like iTEM and PhotoShop, are able to read, display, and manipulate these types of files.  However, many users need to be able to share these images with their customers or colleagues who may not have these advance programs.  There is a solution to this issue, and it is free !

Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions offers the siViewer for free as a download.  You can down load the setup file from the ResAlta Website at this URL (http://resaltatech.com/downloads.htm).  A user with administrative rights may be required to install the program

Working with 16-bit Images