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If you are going to be in Portland for the annual M&M 2010, be sure to stop by our booth (number 413) to see the latest in cameras and software from Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions and stages from Maerzhaeuser. First, and most obvious, is our new company. Get reacquainted with us, Mike Bode and Jason Wickersham, if you haven't talked to us in a while. We will also be offering a couple of interesting vendor tutorials in the evenings. Finally, be sure to take a look at the cameras and software we have to offer.

We will be presenting our popular "camera basics" tutorials again this year. We have updated them to include information about all our camera offerings. The format is also new this year in that it is divided into two presentations. The first "TEM camera Basics" offers an insight into what makes up a camera system and how the different designs affect the images. This presentation is applicable to new and current users of cameras. It addresses the different components in a camera system and describes how they all work together to generate the final image. Side mount cameras are compared to bottom mount cameras to help determine which camera design is best suited to particular application. It will also introduce some advanced topics like Tomography and automation.

The second presentation, "TEM Camera Performance", extends the concepts introduced in the first presentation. This presentation will delve deeper into topics like resolution, sensitivity, noise, and distortion. Options to overcome these limitations will be discussed. While this presentation will be a bit more technically oriented by introducing topics such as the Point Spread Function and Modulation Transfer Function, it will still be accessible to newer users. Beginners who have attended the first presentation will have no difficulty understanding the presentation.

We will have all the software available to review and demonstrate. Feel free to bring along sample images of applications that you are trying complete. We will be happy to spend some time with you to offer the best, easiest solution for your application.

M&M 2010

August 1-5, 2010

Portland, OR

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2010

Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2010

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