M&M 2010

August 1-5, 2010

Portland, OR

Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2010

Text Box: Newsletter Spotlight

As many a customer has noticed, the images acquired from Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions cameras are stored, by default, as a 16-bit image. Advanced image analysis programs, like iTEM and PhotoShop, are able to read, display, and manipulate these types of files. However, many users need to be able to share these images with their customers or colleagues who may not have these advance programs. There is a solution to this issue, and it is free !

Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions offers the siViewer for free as a download. You can down load the setup file from the ResAlta Website at this URL (downloads). A user with administrative rights may be required to install the program but after that any user may run the program without any specific privileges. siViewer will display many different image formats (TIFF, jpg, gif, dm3, etc) and importantly, it can easily display 16-bit images.

Other programs can be used to display a 16-bit file, but many times the histogram will need to be corrected to display it properly. This does not affect the data in the image file but is an extra step that can be annoyance when many images need to be reviewed. siViewer will display the image appropriately upon opening the file. There is no need for a histogram adjustment when opening images from iTEM.

Another very useful benefit of siViewer is the ability of it to open and display the iTEM database. The database structure used in iTEM offers a powerful storage, sorting, and searching capability for the many images generated in modern laboratory facilities. It is capable of storing more than just images too. It can be used to archive data associated with the images such as measurement spreadsheets, x-ray spectra, and general documents such as reports that may be associated with the images. siViewer will give access to all this data along with the image itself.

siViewer is a power image display program but it goes beyond just displaying pictures. It opens up the entire gamut of data about your samples to other users and colleagues and it does it all for free. Download the installer today and give it a try.

Working with 16-bit Images