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iTEM CE - Entry level software package for TEM
Key features
iTEM Platform
  • Image acquisition
  • Real-Time shading correction
  • Live histogramm
  • Over-exposure warning
  • Automatic contrast maximation
  • Basic image processing functions
  • Basic interactive measurements
  • Reporting
  • AVI Recorder (Streaming)
iTEM CE is the entry level package in the Olympus iTEM series. The software offers essentials necessary functionality for today’s TEM image acquisition and image processing. The „Live-Processing“ and „Live-Overlay“ modes offer the ability to actually porcess images during acquisition in real time. The live histogram and overexposure warning help the user to utilize the full dynamic of the camera, without over-saturating the image. Image operations such as shading correction, integration or averaging, automatic contrast maximization, and automatic sharpening can all be carried out while the live mode, resulting in optimal image display. iTEM CE also includes tools for image processing features and interactive measurement functions.
Description Specifications
iTEM CE pushes the envelope with its clearly structured and ergonomical window alignment, configuration and display features for displaying image and data – and it is very user intuitive. The software offers an enviable array of options for configuring the graphical user interface precisely and according to user’ wishes.
Graphical User Interface
iTEM CE offers a wide range of possibilities for configuring the software according to the user’s own requirements. The entire user interface, including menu structure and button bars can be set up as the user pleases. Specific appearance settings and ranges of functions can be defined and selected upon starting up the software. iTEM CE redefines what image and data display is all about. ViewPorts are windows for viewing 1 or more images. They can be used totally independently of each other and offer a wide scope of ergonomic viewing and configuration options. Interpreting image contents is much easier with the multiple view features where various areas of the same image can be viewed at different zoom levels simultaneously. Synchronizing ViewPorts enables users to compare images onscreen. The Navigator ensures that even when viewing large area images at high zoom levels, users always know where they are.
Scale bars
iTEM CE has ample options for hiding/showing scale bars and converting scale bar units. This makes visually grasping the scale of objects within an image easy and fast. Scale bars appear in the lower-right corner of images.
iTEM CE includes a comprehensive library of text, graphical and editing functions for labeling and highlighting images. Users can insert a company logo into an image, emphasize certain details with arrows or color highlighting, or insert text within an image – and all without altering the actual image content.
More extensive image information (XMI)
For each image and graph, more extensive information (XMI information) can be saved. This information documents the current microscope settings. These are read out automatically and appended to the internal image information. This data is available to the user to be used in the database and for report generation.
Arithmetical functions
Using the operands box positioned between the Multiple ViewPort Manager and Image Manager, numerous image processing operations can be performed. This makes it very simple to connect images with other images, masks or constants – arithmetically or logically.
Image Acquisition
A mere click of a button and superior images are acquired using iTEM CE. The software ensures images are automatically focused, calibrated and rich in contrast. Users may modify images individually anytime they so desire. iTEM CE’s Digital Live Processing offers numerous real-time functions during image acquisition. These include shading correction, histograms, contrast enhancement, live overlay and of particular interest, the real-time FFT. A live histogram and over-exposure warning help to exploit the entire dynamic range of the camera without having the images saturated. Users can interactively optimize the live image by adjusting contrast and brightness through the live histogram. Other real-time image operations such as correction of camera artifacts, integration, averaging and automatic sharpness ensure premium image quality. Predefined live image and acquisition settings may be assigned to respective buttons and accessed at a single click of the mouse – handy with multiple cameras installed.
Microscope control
iTEM CE offers – depending on the type of microscope - software control of a wide range of microscope functions. These include the motor stage of the microscope, which is an essential requirement for automation processes. One example would be generating an overview image using the mia panorama-image function.
Exposure control
IntX (Intelligent eXposure) provides users with automatic exposure control. Premium quality acquisitions can be made at the click of a button without requiring extensive technical background knowledge. As needed, contrast and brightness may be manually adjusted within the live image.
The autofocus routine integrated with iTEM CE ensures sharply focused images. All computer-controlled TEMs are compatible for use with the autofocus feature, which is a perfect solution for routine tasks at the microscope as well as for use with automated applications.
Automatic calibration
The images acquired using iTEM CE are always calibrated correctly, a basic requirement for more advanced work with the images. Operations such as measuring and analyzing necessitate correct image calibration. Calibration data is automatically saved together with the image.
Avi recorder for digital video streaming
Integrated in iTEM CE is the AVI-Recorder. Since iTEM CE controls camera and microscope, the images can be transferred easily as a digital video stream using a start and stop button during live acquisition. The AVI-file can later be animated in iTEM directly or in other applications.
Image Processing
iTEM CE offers several options for post-acquisition image enhancement. These include a large list of filters, visualization tools and a special measurement user interface. The standard image processing filters for mages are integrated with iTEM CE as predefined or user-definable functions. In addition, iTEM CE offers many specially developed tools and filters which open up completely new image and data processing opportunities. For instance, the software offers special noise-suppression filters such as sigma and rank filters along with the DCE filter for improving local contrast enhancement.
Measurement interface
The measurement user interface of iTEM CE consists of the “Measurements” tab in the Image Manager, the “Measurements” button bar and the image document. The “Measurements” tab is where all settings are made - such as selecting measurement parameters, switching on online statistics and deleting measurements. All measurements conducted are shown in a clearly structured tree control. Measurement lines, measurement objects and measurement values appear in color in the image. There is a direct connection between measurement results and the image. The user-defined online statistics provide immediate information on the respective precision and dispersion of the measurement results. Measurement results and statistics can be shown in sheets. Data can be displayed as a diagram or via a graph. There are more extended processing routines available with the graph display. Measurement results and graphics can be automatically saved. And of course, sheets can be exported into MS Excel with just a click of the mouse.
Intensity operations
iTEM CE offers many options for post-acquisition image enhancement. These include adjusting contrast and brightness, gamma corrections, various options for equalizing intensity differences. Also included are functions like resolution modification, rotation, reflection, bit depth alteration and aligning two images simultaneously. Furthermore, after thresholds have been set, images can be binarized.
In iTEM CE, Look-Up-Tables (LUTs) can be applied to images. These are for taking monochrome images and turning them into false-color images – in a precisely defined way. With 16-bit images, users can interactively define how they’re displayed. There is an image pocket calculator for making it easy to define even complex connections between images. It can be used for both arithmetical and logical connections.
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